Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Evening Light

I have been itching to get some sunset images. Seems all I have been shooting lately are sunrises. I was busy and almost ran out of time this evening before I could get out. I tried to hook up with a local professional, Ed Heaton. Couldn't make that happen as he was already out (capturing stunning images no doubt).

Hopefully I will get to shoot with him again before too long. Great talent and just a good guy...

Here is one from tonight. Just drove up 322 out of Downingtown trying to find a spot...

Have a great day - Ed


  1. Ahhh, you got better color than I did Ed. Chambers Lake is sort of in a hole and I didn't get colorful sunset. Sorry I wan't more help and thanks for the shout out :-)

  2. Not sure about that after seeing your results...

    You were helpful, now I know where the lake is for the next time. All those trees, I am sure in month or so that place will be spectacular.