Saturday, December 31, 2011

165 / 365 Taking A Break

Elise and Madison find a quiet out of the way spot to sit for a few minutes...

Have a great day! - Ed

164 / 365 What Kitty?

Probably one of my favorites from the days images... this just goes to show that what's important or impressive to one may not be to another.While I stand there trying to get good shots of the cheetah as it moves around it's enclosure; the girls are more interested in taking pictures of each other with an iPhone, completely ignoring the big cat as it moves behind them.

Have a Safe and Happy New Years! - Ed

Friday, December 30, 2011

163 / 365 Here Kitty Kitty...

I had a feeling that I was being eyed up as a super sized meal...

Have a great day! - Ed

162 / 365 Angry Kitty

One of the three Cheetahs that currently call the Philadelphia Zoo home... This one was the first out as we seemed to have disturbed it when we stopped at their exhibit. Eventually all three came out to see all the two legged food watching them...

Have a great day! - Ed

161 / 365 Smiling Serpent

Elise enjoying the animal themed Merry Go Round at the zoo...

Have a great day! - Ed

Monday, December 26, 2011

160 / 365 Ashley & The Otter

Here is our friend's youngest, Ashley... finding out that the otters like to follow the feather as she moves it over the glass.

Have a great day! - Ed

159 / 365 Having Fun...

For me today wasn't about photography; it was about enjoying time with my family and good friends. We went to the Philadelphia Zoo with friends that we have known for many years and their two daughters; Madison and Ashley. Madison is a year older than Elise and when they are together they always have a good time. In this image the girls had gotten a little ahead of us and were racing back after we'd yelled to them.
I wanted to capture some memories today rather make good photographs. I always try to take technically sound images; but I wasn't worrying too hard about my settings(which is usually something I'm a little more uptight about LOL). The result? Going through the images I shot today, I doubt there are any that are award winners; there are however several that will help preserve the memories from a great day spent out with my family and our friends and our children. Once the new year starts, its going to be nice to be able to think about this day when work and life start to get a little hectic...

Have a great day! - Ed

158 / 365 Happy

There are actually 3 happy people in this image... My wife Christine, Elise, and me...

A photographer is in every image he or she creates...

Have a great day! - Ed

157 / 365 My Girls

Taken this morning... Here are my two favorite girls in the whole world having some fun after we arrived at the zoo for a day after Christmas visit.

Happy Holidays! - Ed

Sunday, December 25, 2011

156 / 365 Christmas Morning 2011

And for me; this is what its all about... Elise pausing for a quick picture during her gift opening. Seeing her smile and get excited over what Santa left for her, just feels like the rightest thing in the world.

Merry Christmas! - Ed

155 / 365 Christmas Eve at Our Home...

This is our home on Christmas Eve... I hope that everyone's was enjoyable as our was...

Merry Christmas! - Ed

Saturday, December 24, 2011

154 / 365 Merry Christmas!!!

The "Reason for the Season" for many people... I just wanted to wish all of the friends and fans of my photography a Merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year! Thank you for a great year of support and feedback. Looking forward to much more in 2012!!!

Happy Holidays! - Ed

Friday, December 23, 2011

153 / 365 Santa

From a quick little outing for some Christmas lights this evening... The jolly old elf himself...

Have a great day! - Ed

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

152 / 365 Sunrise at Marsh Creek

Another from the past year, shot back in October...

Have a great day! - Ed

151 / 365 In The Morning

Well, it doesn't look promising for getting anywhere near the goal of my 365 Project. It was fun though, and I will continue to add to the collection until I reach the magic number...

At the end of the year I like to look back through what I've shot for the year to see if there were any good ones that got missed. I think I may have found a few...

Taken back in October, just a few minutes after sunrise, up on the hill overlooking the lake as the sun cleared the horizon and everything was bathed in it's warm light.

Have a great day! - Ed

Sunday, December 4, 2011

150 / 365 Jungle Christmas

Another set of trees on display at Longwood. Someone pointed out to me the other day that I was "behind" on my 365 Project. "Behind" is putting it mildly LOL...

Have a great day! - Ed

149 / 365 White Orchids

Another from my Longwood Outing the other day... had to wait several minutes to get this image, had to let the fog clear in my lens due to the high humidity in the display area.

Have a nice day!  - Ed

148 / 365 Caught In The Sun

Never really satisfied with the images that I get of these flowers... This one though, I like

Have a great day! - Ed

Thursday, December 1, 2011

147 / 365 Purple Orchid

Not really Christmas related; just a nice image from this morning's outing...

Have a nice day! - Ed

146 / 365 Welcome to Christmas!

Taken this morning at Longwood Gardens. This is a 9 exposure HDR image. I wish the the light had been better (don't we all) and skies overcast. I would love to get back there and shoot this scene again at night when you would be able to see all of the Christmas lights, especially the ones hanging from the glass roof. Unfortunately, no tripods are allowed in the indoor gardens after 12 noon due to the crowds.

Have a great day! - Ed

145 / 365 Birthday Girl

8 years old. Where did the time go? Elise wanted to have a picture taken for her birthday a few weeks ago with her new boots...

Have a great day! - Ed

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

144 / 365 Blue Canoe

While my truck was warming up with the heat on full blast; I took this one last image before packing up and calling it a night. You can see the light frost on the ground in the forground...

Have a great day! - Ed

143 / 365 Foggy Fisherman

Taken back at the beginging of November; this was the morning after spending the night shooting the stars. Trying to get caught up with my posting, as well getting some more shooting in... Have a few more to post to get "current".

Have a great day! - Ed

Sunday, November 6, 2011

142 / 365 Marsh Creek Island At Night

One from very early this morning... Have shot just about every type of weather condition at this location. This was the first time I tried a night shot of the island.

Have a great day! - Ed

140 / 365 Bach

Opps... Skipped one. This is Bach, "my dog" of our boys... Here he is just checking out the action on the street just as Halloween trick-r-treating was beginning...

Have a great day! - Ed

141 / 365 First Stars I See Tonight

Here is my first ever attempt at astrophotography; or more simply put, my first try at shooting stars and star trails... Not exactly what I was after; but I did learn a few things which is probably more important. This was done at Marsh Creek, at the West side boat launch area facing West to help reduce light pollution. The short bright streak by the tree is Jupiter. The other streak, the dotted and then solid line, as a plane that had blinking lights and then turned on the headlights(not sure what they are on a plane) and that caused the bright white line to continue out of the frame...

Have a great day! - Ed

Monday, October 31, 2011

139 / 365 Little Witch

Here is Elise standing with our neighbor's scary porch dweller... She wanted to be a purple witch, her version was nice : )

Have a great day! - Ed

138 / 365 Waiting for Trick-r-Treaters...

Here are my boys; Bach & Mozart, waiting this evening for the trick-r-treaters to arrive. They don't like being inside missing all the fun...

Have a great day! - Ed

Sunday, October 30, 2011

137 / 365 Marsh Creek Halloween Storm

Taken yesterday during the "Snowtober" storm... this was the West side of Marsh Creek. I guess this area is slightly lower in elevation than the far side where you can see the snow laying on the ground. The wind was howling across the water blowing sleet & fog in my direction.

Have a great day! - Ed

135 / 365 French Creek Fall

This was taken last week... back when the thought of snow before Thanksgiving was a joke LOL... Sorry, got a little out of order with my posts.

Have a great day! - Ed

136 / 365 Halloween Storm

A rare event happened on Saturday, at least for this area, a snowstorm hit our area in October. The last time we had measurable snow in the Philadelphia area during October was 1979. I was eager to get out and make some images showing the peaking Fall colors with the first shot of Winter. This image was taken a little park & trail not far from home; quite a range of colors, from almost Spring green, thru the usual Fall leaf colors, to the stark bare trees...

Have a great day! - Ed

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

134 / 365 Unhappy Hour

As we head into the Halloween weekend; and the rapidly approaching Holiday Season, just a gentle reminder to be safe out there when you are partying and enjoying family and friends...

Be safe and have a great day! - Ed

Sunday, October 23, 2011

133 / 365 Middle Of The Road

This was done in camera at the time of capture... Camera and photographer going about 40mph.

Have a great day! - Ed

Saturday, October 22, 2011

132 / 365 Forest Road

One of the many tree lined roads in and around French Creek State Park...

Have a great day! - Ed

131 / 365 Fall Pano

Only my second attempt at a panoramic image; this was taken at French Creek State Park. I am okay with the shooting part, I think I need to learn the processing end of it a little more...

Have a great day! - Ed

130 / 365 Fall Morning

I originally headed to Marsh Creek this morning for my yearly attempt at a good shot of the island trees with their color & the reflection in the lake. The color isn't quite there yet; but that didn't mean there wasn't color elsewhere... This was taken a little bit up the road from the lake on the way out of the park. There are horses there for riding and their pasture was just getting hit by the morning sun when I got there... Hope everyone gets to see some of Nature's beauty this Fall.

Have a great day! - Ed

Sunday, October 16, 2011

129 / 365 Holtwood

I went looking for some color and found that it wasn't quite there yet... Still pretty though...

Have a great day! - Ed

128 / 365 Saturday Morning

Visited a familiar local spot Saturday morning, Marsh Creek. The sky was pretty interesting; but the mist and fog I was hoping for over the water was no where to be found. I think the breeze may have prevented it from forming.

Have a great day! - Ed

Friday, October 14, 2011

127 / 365 Passing Storm

Taking a break from the desk chair and computer screen... I decided to take a little ride and scout for some color. As storms rolled through the area this afternoon, I happened upon this scene and quickly pulled over. The wind was blowing pretty good from the West; while I wasn't worried about the sharpness so much, I wanted to catch those clouds over the farm before they had moved on.

Have a great day! - Ed

Monday, October 10, 2011

126 / 365 8 Seconds Of Dawn

A complete lack of clouds over the weekend made for some undramatic skies... This was taken on the beach in Avalon, NJ as the Sun peeked over the horizon.

Have a great day! - Ed

Saturday, October 1, 2011

125 / 365 Looking Out

Here are my boys, Mozart & Bach, checking out the neighborhood from my daughter's window. They love to sit on her bed and see what's going on outside, of course they have to "comment" on each passer-by...

Have a great day! - Ed

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

124 / 365 Flame On!

Another from this past weekend's sunflower shoot. I processed this using the film effects filter from NIK, this simulates the look of Kodachrome 64Pro...

Have a great day! - Ed

Sunday, September 18, 2011

123 / 365 Sunny Face

Just me... enjoying the beautiful morning, happy that I had a successful few hours of shooting.

Have a great day! - Ed

122 / 365 Happy Field

Here is the view of the whole field of sunflowers... This is the first pano image that I have attempted using CS5. No special equipment, just my tripod and trying to keep it level as I turned.

Have a great day! - Ed

Saturday, September 17, 2011

121 / 365 Golden Morning

Here is the farm house and buildings that are basically surround by the sunflowers...

Have a great a great day! - Ed

120 / 365 Welcome To Autumn

Seems like forever since I got my butt out in time to catch a sunrise with my gear; much less a sunrise with clouds like this... Felt great to be out there, the air was nice and crisp. This the sunflower field near Longwood Gardens. I had the whole field to myself, little surprised at that given the clouds this morning. I shot a lot of bracketed images for working on some HDR's but this was processed from a single image. I was also using a few of my Lee lens filters as well.

Very happy to be able to share this with everyone...

Have a great day! - Ed

Sunday, September 11, 2011

117 / 365 Old Rope

Sort of an abstract texture driven image of a length of old rope I had hanging around. Worked very well for a B&W image...

Have a great day! - Ed

116 / 365 10MM

Another from my "lab"... just a series of images of stuff I found in the garage.

Have a great day! - Ed

Saturday, September 10, 2011

115 / 365 Heavy Duty

The business end of a 24" pipe wrench... Found a little inspiration this morning and hopefully it helped to start me out of this "heavy duty" creative funk I've been in for the past couple of months. Thanks for hanging with me...

Have a great day! - Ed

Saturday, August 27, 2011

114 / 365 Irene Cancels The Movies

Well not really... they just took the letters off the marquee before they became projectiles. This was taken a little while ago as the heavier rain started to move in. Hoping to safely get out later and/or tomorrow to get some more Irene related images.

Have a great day - Stay Safe!