Monday, December 26, 2011

159 / 365 Having Fun...

For me today wasn't about photography; it was about enjoying time with my family and good friends. We went to the Philadelphia Zoo with friends that we have known for many years and their two daughters; Madison and Ashley. Madison is a year older than Elise and when they are together they always have a good time. In this image the girls had gotten a little ahead of us and were racing back after we'd yelled to them.
I wanted to capture some memories today rather make good photographs. I always try to take technically sound images; but I wasn't worrying too hard about my settings(which is usually something I'm a little more uptight about LOL). The result? Going through the images I shot today, I doubt there are any that are award winners; there are however several that will help preserve the memories from a great day spent out with my family and our friends and our children. Once the new year starts, its going to be nice to be able to think about this day when work and life start to get a little hectic...

Have a great day! - Ed

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