Thursday, February 11, 2010

Capturing History...

When I hear phrases like; "Historic", "Unprecedented", "Once in a lifetime event"... usually my first or second thought is, "I gotta' get my camera!"

Yesterday was one of those days for our little corner of the world. We set a new record for the snowiest winter (which isn't over yet) and we got to experience a true (by the book, not just a lot of snow) blizzard.

From some of my earlier posts; you may have gathered that I have a fondness for snow and snowstorms. Always have; ever since I was a kid. It has grown into a need to get the latest info from Accu-Weather so I know the what, when, and why of a storm. Of course this is also accompanied by a lot of looking out the window. Getting an image of this event was never a question; exactly what image I could get that might convey the fury of this storm to an observer was... I decided to wait until later in the afternoon when the winds and snow would be around their peak. I was not disappointed; nor did I have to go far to get the image I wanted. Only had to go to the end of my driveway...

There is another type of history that I really wanted to capture; to me the most important type. If you are like me; you probably remember images from your childhood of being out during a large snowstorm, building a snowman, sledding, just having fun, no worries, just fun. And the cold never seemed to bother you then. Maybe there are a few grainy and yellowing prints in an album somewhere of you perched on a large snow pile. I want to capture these memories for my daughter's adulthood. She doesn't need them now; she is still a child, a child in a snow globe of magic and fun. She will need them later; after a long commute home through the snow; when she is stranded in an airport because of a delayed flight. Any time she needs a little smile and some fun, if only for a moment, she can shake the snow globe in her mind with the images I have left for her...

Stay warm and safe!

Have a great day! - Ed

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