Saturday, October 30, 2010

Falls Magic Light...

Here it is... the last weekend of October 2010.

I have been a little anxious to get out and try to capture some of the season's amazing colors; but other obligations (some way more fun than others) have kept me from behind my camera.

Feeling a little stressed; I decided to take a little time, less than 2 hours this morning to get out in the field. Once I got out there; it was pretty clear that the gusty wind would make it a challenge to capture more "traditional" type of landscape / Fall images.

I decided to try "swiping" again, this time with some slightly wider subjects and compositions. In order to get the slightly longer shutter speeds needed for these types of images; I mounted a Neutral Density filter with my Lee Filter holder to help get the speeds down between .5 seconds to as much as 2 seconds in the strong morning sun.

This image was taken near Holtwood, PA.

I will share more of these "swipes" soon... I find these more "artistic" images to be very enjoyable to create and shooting them was a great way to relax for a while.

Have a great day! - Ed

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