Thursday, August 25, 2011

113 / 365 Before Irene...

This was taken from Truman Bridge, which sits a short distance behind my home. My home is to the left of the frame at the end of the row of homes that you can see on the left side of the image. The little ribbon of water you see at the bottom of this green way is part of the West Branch of the Brandywine River. With the approach of Hurricane Irene; I thought a before image might be in order to help lend some perspective to the conditions that are likely to develop over the weekend. While my home isn't in too much danger (I hope); this little creek will likely transform into a raging torrent with the rain that is expected. Those trees will be mostly under the rushing water...

I am hoping to get some images during and after the storm. If you venture out, please be careful and don't take foolish risks.

Have a great day! (And be safe!!!)


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