Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Archiving Images

It is about that time again; usually at the start of each quarter, when I need to make room on my "C" drive. I go through all of my images taken in the previous months and cull out the obvious trash, and then burn the rest to DVD. I make 2 disks; one a "working" copy that is kept at my desk, and a "safe" copy that is (you guessed it) stored in a fire proof safe.

I also use a few external HDs for storage; but due to the file sizes of the original images, having them on an internal drive is just faster for loading etc. My 2nd internal HD is rapidly filling up with captured video. The video is from the last 6 years of family doings. I want to get it saved to disk first; then make a movie using both clips and images. I do not have any end date in mind for this and will not be stressing over it...

If you don't back up your images; start. If you make a single backup, make another one...

The toughest part isn't the first cut of images (they are usually no brainers). It's the second and third cuts that give you some pause. I have been told though that it gets easier the more times you do it; kinda' like cleaning out a closet.

The image above is from October of 2008, taken at sunrise on the beach in Avalon, NJ. Just wanted to share one as I am going through some older ones

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