Thursday, January 13, 2011

13 / 365 High Street Snow

I captured this image during some of the heaviest snow of the storm. It was really coming down. There was very little wind and it was snowing heavily enough that you could almost hear the snow flakes landing. From the sign on the left; you should be able to figure out where I was standing if you are familiar with the West Chester area.

Have a great day! - Ed


  1. Right in the middle of the intersection. Market and High. Old courthouse on left. Bank on right. Where's the hot dog vendor?

    You gave me an idea...I am going to do Coatesville next time it snows.

  2. Very close... about 60 feet north of the intersection on High Street. The hot dog guy only works during the day... You should get out and shoot during the next storm. It gives a new look and feel to many familiar places...