Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Here I am 6 years later, still marveling at the passage of time... That tiny little being is becoming before my eyes... The reason and inspiration the re-ignition of my passion for capturing images...

Funny thing how life works... Two months ago to the day, we were morning the passing of my father. And today, we are celebrating my daughter's life and growth, and I swear that I see just a hint of my father in there...

Is this the greatest image? No... It isn't the most technically sound, nor artistically balanced. But, it does for me the one thing that a photograph is supposed to do, grabs a little piece of you, your heart, your soul, and your imagination.

Elise, now and forever my Scootlebug, happy birthday...

I love you - Daddy

Have a great day! - Ed

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