Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year's Abstract

Funny how life is some times... Not sure why my thumb stopped before deleting this image in my camera; but I am glad it did.

While I was out trying to get some sunrise images in the cold and wind; I accidentally triggered the shutter walking back to the truck. I stumbled over a lump of frozen mud... When I heard the camera cycle; I thought to myself "well, at least I didn't drop it, and it's digital so it isn't like I wasted any film..." When I went to delete it; I just had a feeling... leave it until you see it on the monitor, it will probably look much different at 24" vs. 3"

"Frozen Earth" is the result of a "happy accident"... I am not planning on developing a technique involving tripping while holding my gear. I may have learned to be a little less quick to delete a "mistake" before I've had any opportunity to review it a little further...

Have a great day! - Ed