Monday, January 18, 2010

Rainy Morning Macro Outing...

I have been very eager to try my new macro lens on some beautiful and colorful subjects. This time of year; and in this rainy dreary weather, there is only a few places that can provide that type of outing...
Luckily I am only a short way from Longwood Gardens. It was a pretty light day for crowds as the gardens are between exhibits. The annual Orchid Extravaganza starts next week and shooting space will be at a premium.

Within in a few moments of getting inside; I met up with a couple of fellow local shooters Nancy and Ray. We chatted for a few moments and then it was off to capture some images... Click Here to see a selection from today here

I used the Tamron 90/2.8 for the entire day; along with my tripod and wired remote release. I was also using the camera's MLU (Mirror Lock Up) to minimize any movement. MLU (either 2 0r 10 seconds) basically moves the focusing mirror out of the way before opening the shutter; giving the camera a chance to stabilize before capturing the exposure. I highly recommend using this method if you have the ability with your particular camera when shooting Macros, Still Life, or Landscapes were you typically have longer exposures due to the smaller apertures involved(higher f/stops for sharpness).

Overall; I am very happy with the results so far for this lens. The colors are true, the lens is razor sharp, and at the wider apertures the OOF (Out Of Focus) areas are pleasing and compliment the subject. While I have a lot to learn about Macro photography; this new lens will get me off to a pretty good start.

Have a great day! - Ed