Saturday, January 9, 2010

Using the Camera's Tools

I wanted to share an image that shows that sometimes you can get great results by disagreeing with your camera...

When I was shooting this scene; the sky was much lighter and that was kind of hiding the subtle graduations in the bands of colors and wispy clouds. The advantage in shooting in Manual Mode is that you can override the settings the camera determines to be "best". Matrix metering (taking the avg of the entire scene) is the way I usually have my camera set up for setting the exposure. Since I shoot in Manual Mode I can easily adjust the exposure using exposure compensation. Here the scene was adjusted about -1.5 Stops (Underexposed) so that the details in the sky would become more visible. I wasn't concerned with the far shore and trees becoming more of a silhouette because I wanted to make the subtle details and color in the sky the focus of the image.

This was taken on December 30th a few moments after sunrise, the air was cold and my coffee was hot...

Hope this may help you the next time you encounter some trickier light.

Have a great day! - Ed

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