Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Evening Stroll

Despite feeling under the weather today; when my daughter asked me to take a walk with her and my wife before dinner this evening, I decided that I would. Of course I grabbed my camera (this is a photography blog right?), as I usually do.

Most times when presented with an unexpected outing like this (however brief) I like to go the simple route. Instead of grabbing my bag & gear; I just take my camera and one lens, my Minolta 50/1.7. It is a great length for a wide range of images and with a max aperture of f/1.7, it is especially good at shooting in the lower light of evening without having to use flash. The other thing I like about using a fixed lens (or prime) is that you have to think a bit more on your composition and zoom with your feet.

We were only out for about 30 minutes; but it was enough to get the appetites stirred up for the chili warming in the crock pot. Not photo related; but the chili was great coming home to on a cool evening...

Have a great day! - Ed

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