Monday, March 22, 2010

B&W Dramatic Light

I wanted to share another image from last weeks shoot; an image that demonstrates a different way to light a scene. While I love using natural light, especially for portraits and people images, natural light isn't always available or strong enough to allow the capture of all of the important details.

Most of us started out using the flash that sits on top of our camera; it might even "pop-up" from time to time without any input from us... If you have moved on to using a dedicated flash gun with your DSLR; again, you may only leave it stuck on top of the camera. While this leads to better results than the "pop-up" flash; there is a 3rd alternative available to most recent (last few years) DSLR cameras, the option to use the flash gun off camera. This option can really give you much more dramatic and dynamic results; with a very limited amount of additional equipment. You might pick up a flash bracket mount to use on a tripod or lightstand; you might also get a shoot-through umbrella to modify your flashes light. Some camera systems allow wireless control; while others may require a very simple sync cord to control the flash.

No matter how your system does it; give off camera lighting a try the next time you have to use the flash. It can be a relatively inexpensive way to learn about lighting scenes without the intimidation of purchasing and using more "studio" types of light.

That's one wonderful aspect of shooting digital; practicing and making mistakes cost you nothing but time generally... So get out of your comfort zone a little, move the flash away from the camera, and get a little creative! You might surprise yourself with the results...

Have a great day! - Ed

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