Thursday, March 25, 2010

Impressions of Flight...

My original intention when I spun to capture this Canada Goose; was a nice crisp capture of the liftoff from the waters surface...

What I got; at first, seems to be the complete opposite of that very goal.

After studying this image for a little while; I realized that it actually communicated my original intention better than I could have with a crisp image.

The morning was filled with geese taking off and landing all around me. A lot of time was spent pre-focused on one group or another out on the water; only to have some take off from another spot (remember the shooting with both eyes open tip?), followed by my desperate attempts to lock on with my camera and get an image.

For me; this image captures perfectly the tension you can feel shooting wildlife, and the frustration of the shot that got away...

Have a great day! - Ed

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